A logistical battle: the FIFA effect

With nine months to go until next year’s World Cup and Lionsraw’s Legacy Tour in Curitiba, preparations are in full swing. Lionsraw Brasil director Kev Clark has been involved in the logistics and organisation of previous Legacy Tours, and he knows only too well about the challenges faced. 


Fighting a PR machine isn’t an easy fight, maybe we can’t win? Maybe we can only hope we go the distance and earn a rematch – again and again and again?

Lionsraw’s latest bout with the elevated expectations of hotels, hostels, airlines, restaurants and bus companies has been in process for most of 2013, however it’s approaching a point when these companies might start to realise that we may have a point when we talk about our previous experiences in South Africa and Poland.

Imagine a game of poker, where your opponent is convinced that they hold all the best cards. No amount of bluffing, calling or raising will deter them from their game-plan. Well, this is how it has felt with our negotiations in terms of the logistical parts of the Legacy Tour to Brasil in 2014.

In late October FIFA must commit to a 50 per cent deposit on the rooms it requires during the World Cup. Our experience is that the governing bodies don’t take up anywhere near their protected option and that cities like Curitiba will have peaks and troughs with each game day, as opposed to being fully booked throughout the tournament.

The knock on effect should help us with every other moving part of the tour including flights and food. In South Africa, those who joined us on the tour will remember the hotel was secured nine days before the tour arrived! However, we hope to have that sorted way ahead of this schedule in Curitiba.

Like those of you who have signed up to come we are totally committed to delivering the best experience possible to our 2014 Legacy Tour volunteers, our projects have absolute significance and over the next few months our logistics will give the much needed backbone to what we are all trying to achieve.

Fighting a PR machine isn’t an easy fight, but trust that our dukes are well and truly up.

with Passion and Belief


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