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Brazil Chairman Chris Agar has a plan…

It’s time to go and finish what we started.

Ladies and Gentlemen, lots of us have fond memories or have heard stories of our fantastic time in Curitiba in 2014, we built, we made friends, we kick started an opportunity for massive change. Well, as we have been communicating the past 8 months, I’m sad to say that things have not gone to plan and our friends Futebal de Rua need our help once more.

As you may or may not know Brazil is undergoing another period of terrible economic difficulties which unfortunately has meant that the building, which should have been funded and completed locally, still stands unfinished.

I’m sure you agree with me that it’s not ideal but for the sake of the community and the reputation of Futebal de Rua and Lionsraw I believe we must step in and help our friends complete this much needed resource.

So here’s the plan…
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The story of the French

The story of the French

The nature of Lionsraw’s work is that while one project is underway, preparations are already in full flow for the next one. Hannah Elizabeth Taylor spoke to a team of French volunteers currently working with Lionsraw in Curitiba, Brasil. Continue Reading