Christmas in South Africa

Ruth Duma, development manager for Lionsraw South Africa, looks back on a fantastic Christmas fundraising drive.

At this time of year we are all busy buying presents, visiting family and eating lots of delicious foods. Living and working in a country where there are many people who don’t get to experience Christmas in this way put’s a different perspective and meaning on the festive season. In the humdrum of life around this time is is easy to forget the spirit of Christmas and how many people are not as fortunate as ourselves.

Every year Lionsraw and Lionsraw South Africa¬†work together to put funds together so that two children’s homes get presents and food as well as we try to do something for all the children at the Steven Davison Primary School. This year we were blessed with many gifts for the children, we were able to do a party for the children at the Steven Davison Primary School and we will provide lots of food treats for the children’s homes. Never do I get tired of seeing the smiles on the children’s faces as they receive presents and the relief on the faces of those who run the children’s homes when they receive food for the Christmas period.

Thanks to the many people in the UK and South Africa who have donated money, time and resources. We were able to make Christmas bigger and better than ever before for these children. Not only do we thank you but I have been asked by those who run the children’s homes, Principal and teachers to pass on their thanks for all you do for them and the children they help.

We wish you all a prosperous 2014.


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