Jon Burns returns to Curitiba and now he’s on a mission!

I was privileged to witness the incredible growth in the number of children we are working with in Curitiba since the 2014. Between Lionsraw and our local partner, Futbol de Rua, we are now working with 1200 children every week, up from 500 per week in 2014, twelve long term volunteers have joined Thad Taylor, our Brazil Development Manager, during 2015, the quality of their work, personal impact and change they create with the boys and girls from local favelas has been and continues to be outstanding, work that will help children find jobs and further education in the future, creating chances for genuine change.

Sadly, it has been a very frustrating year for our legacy build project, you may recall that we felt close to completion of four buildings at the start of this year: a community centre, and education centre, a football centre and an office building. For several reasons cultural to Brazil and their economy, no work has been possible at the Children’s Education Centre for the last six months, Lionsraw has met our planned commitments, and it was in local hands to complete, this has not been possible. Chris Agar, Lionsraw global trustee with oversight for Brazil, was able to gather the key stakeholders last week where he formed a new program to get the building in use in the next few months, we also met with local community leaders and the city Mayor, who once again reiterated how important this centre is for very needy children, right in the middle of a favela community. We must get this finished and open as soon as possible and I need your help, the Lionsraw family, to make this possible.


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We’ve instructed a local contractor to move to the completion phase, windows, doors and internal fittings that will enable the Children’s Education Centre to be operational by late February, this will cost around £40,000, we have launched a fundraising campaign to help us raise this amount and more to give these wonderful young children a chance at an education and opportunities the West often takes for granted, please click here for details of the campaign and how YOU can make a difference


Do get in touch if you have any other suggestions, contacts you think we should talk to or even if you just have a question, we will be glad to hear from you, simply drop Chris Agar a note at

In addition, we are taking another touring team to Curitiba to do some finishing touches at Easter next year, we will provide exact details on dates and full costs early in the new year.

with Passion and Belief

Jon Burns

CEO & Founder

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