Lionsraw volunteers are back in Durban.

Lionsraw’s first Legacy Tour in 2010 saw 150 football fans deliver four building projects and seven football schools across the Valley of 1,000 Hills, outside Durban, South Africa.

One of those building projects, The Steven Davison Primary School, opened with 80 learners. The school now accommodates 409 learners from 4-13 years old in 5 brick classrooms, 2 mobile classrooms and 1 mud hut.

Each child is given porridge each day for breakfast and all the children brush their teeth at school. These projects have had a big impact on the children’s health, concentration and attendance.

Lionsraw South Africa is extremely grateful to the past volunteers, regular givers for the porridge-feeding scheme, and for all their help and support to get the school to where it is now.


Last week a group of dedicated Lionsraw volunteers arrived in The Valley of a Thousand Hills to continue this legacy by building three additional classrooms at the school.

Volunteers have fundraised the money to not only pay for the classrooms, but also for their trip.

It is fantastic to be able to continue the legacy, which began in 2007 with a visit to explore where Lionsraw and our army of volunteers could donate time and effort.

If you want to be part of what Lionsraw are doing around the world through the power of fan volunteering then please click here. Join us and sign up for Marseille 2016 today. 


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