Marseille 2016

The 2 week dates are 11th – 25th June 2016.

We are delighted to announce that we are able to take bookings for our tour to Marseille during the European Championships in France next year, we’re so excited by the high impacting projects, our respected local partners and a city that you might just fall in love with.

We’ll welcome you in Marseille.

With so many different options and routes available to travel to Marseille we’re asking that you make your own arrangements for getting to our accommodation in time for an induction buffet at 5pm on Saturday 11th June 2016, there will be a closing breakfast at 9am on Saturday 25th June which will mark the end of the 2 week tour.

We have a one week and a one month tour option, however, we anticipate that the majority of people will opt for the two week option. For those choosing the one week option, the closing breakfast will be 9am on Saturday 18th June and for the one month option it will be on Monday 11th July, again at 9am.

The tour is limited to a maximum of 120 spaces.

We believe we have the perfect blend of projects that have a significant potential for high impact and as such we know the optimum numbers we need to make them successful next year. We’ve considered media team, coaching leaders, renovation volunteers, first aiders, control room and know our full requirement to make all essential logistics possible. We think anymore than 120 volunteers would detract from the experience for local partners and touring volunteers and so have decided to put in place a cap at 120 people.

So far we have had over 120 expressions of interest from the UK, US and a few other places. Naturally we’d encourage you to sign up quickly to avoid disappointment as once we reach 120 sign ups we’ll operate a reserve list on a strict first come first in line basis.

We have some immense projects for you.

Marseille 2016 will mark the start of a global partnership with the development of Blind Football. You’ll experience first hand how the sport is engaging the blind and partially sighted to participate in a sport that helps them be the best they can be, challenges the perception of ability and builds confidence to better futures.

We’ll work in an institute for profound physical and mental disabilities. We’ve been asked to deliver sports sessions and life skills training to more than 100 people aged between 8 and 30 years old. This will be high intensity and high reward for all connected to this wonderful project.

There will be dedicated urban football projects for girls in Marseille. For the first time we will focus on girl only participation aimed at encouraging sports participation, confidence building, sport development and leader training among lots of other activities and initiatives we’ll plan this coming year.

We are finalising our renovation project in an inner city community lead by our great friend, Omar. We’ll transform a community space from being unusable to an area prime for engagement and growth.

The conflict resolution methodology of Self Referee Football will give you an insight into the work being done in some of the toughest parts of Marseille, there will be opportunities to be directly involved in communities and even schools to deliver this progressive work.

There are other projects that are aimed at simply bringing fun days to those who might ordinarily passed by during such sporting events, football schools and multi-sport days will help give hundreds of young people memories to last a lifetime, you might even gain a few yourself!

Marseille match days are 11th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 30th June & 7th July.

You can register an application for tickets on the UEFA website until July 10th. There will be subsequent opportunities to buy tickets but we suggest an early application to maximise your chances of success.

Tour Costs

The cost of 2 weeks is £1000. ($1500, €1400)

TOTAL COST £750, $1125, €1000 £1000, $1500, €1400 £1900, $2900, €2600

Note: The Marseille’16 tour costs do not include match tickets or your travel to Marseille.

As ever we will ensure you are fully equipped to be a great volunteer. We will provide 3 meals per day, single occupancy, en suite accommodation, full project insurance, team kit and local travel to the projects in Marseille.

We want you to arrive in Marseille knowing that your food is covered and you will look good on projects. We want you to be able to rest and wash in comfortable and private surroundings and know that we have planned for if you have any unplanned disruptions to your tour.

This is the same for those who come for one week or one month, the same provision, with the same attention to detail and comfort. The one week cost is £750 ($1125, €1000) with the one month option costing £1900 ($2900, €2600)

You will have access to the wonderful city of Marseille, on rest days and each evening you can soak up the atmosphere and games at the Velodrome. Our host city has several games including a France game on 15th June that promises to be a very special occasion and your accommodation is around 1km from the stadium so you will be right at the heart of the action.

Deposit and Payment Schedule

The non refundable deposit amount is £100. ($150, €140)

You will have 7 days to pay your deposit from the point we provide you with your unique reference number, your place is not confirmed until we receive this non refundable payment.

Your payment schedule is agreed as follows, please note that at each payment date the total paid is non refundable so please commit understanding this. If you do not keep up with payments we may offer your place to someone on the reserve list without a refund.

28th October £150, $225, €210 £150, $225, €210 £300, $500, €400
28th November £150, $225, €210 £150, $225, €210 £300, $500, €400
28th February £200, $300, €280 £200, $300, €280 £400, $600, €500
28th March £150, $225, €160 £200, $300, €280 £400, $600, €500
28th April N/A £200, $300, €280 £400, $550, €660

What Happens when you sign up?

Once you have signed up we will email you to confirm your place or your position in the reserve list, we will give you a specific point of contact depending on where you are from, you’ll receive a unique reference number and we will confirm how to pay your deposit and provide you with details for all future payments.

You will be added to a mailing list created for those travelling to Marseille so we can keep you up to date with relevant information in respect of preparation for next year.


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