What we do

We mobilise football fans to make a difference by creating chances for change at home and away.

We seek to do this by recruiting and equipping football supporters to volunteer their time and/or money to local community projects or as part of specific Legacy Tours.

Our current focus is on the Marseille Legacy Tour in Marseille and also the development of specifically tailored football programmes for girls and women. We intend to establish 100 dedicated female projects in 50 cities around the world in time for the Women’s World Cup in France in 2019.

We create chances for change by

  • Using football to teach life skills
  • Building and refurbishing community, sport and education facilities
  • Developing community leaders
  • Raising money for Legacy projects
  • Raising awareness of key social issues
  • Forming broad alliances to enable social change

Join our global movement to create chances for change that make a difference