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  • The Lionsraw team is making preparations for a Legacy Tour during the Asia Cup in Australia during January 2015.
  • We have developed projects, in partnership with local organisations and football clubs, in Auburn, Western Sydney.We will also be assisting the Big Issue with their football tournament in Darling Harbour.
  • This project provides volunteers from Asia, Australia and the rest of the world with the opportunity to use the sport they love to create chances for change for local at risk young people and homeless adults in the city.
  • The Legacy Tour will run from 18th-27th January 2015, based in Sydney. Also we offer a weekend only option from 24th-26th January 2015. The tour price is expected to be around A$1500 plus flight (approximately £750 / US$1200 / €900). Prices are based on shared accommodation for 9 nights. Other rates will apply for single occupancy and for the weekend only option.