Who we are

Lionsraw is a global movement of football fans from all backgrounds who share a passion for the beautiful game and for creating chances for change locally and globally.

We exist to engage with any fans, regardless of sex, race, faith or colour. We simply want to work with people who want to make a difference in the lives of others.

A Word from Jon Burns – our Founder and CEO

Firstly, Lionsraw does what it says on the tin – we mobilise football fans to create chances for change at home and away. That’s what we have been doing in Brazil all year, especially over the last three weeks, and will do in the future with our long-term team…

Secondly, Brazil loves its football and a good party. Some of the atmospheres at games and in streets and bars were incredible. The colours, noise and samba feel will be hard to forget…

Finally, it is an exciting time to look ahead to the future. Our key leaders and board are amazing. Kev Clark and his team in Brazil exceeded all expectations, and we have unearthed 20 or more very promising emerging leaders that we intend to invest in over the next few years.

Sydney, Marseille, New York, Manchester and Russia – here we come.

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Our History

The Lionsraw vision was conceived in the Stadium of Light in Lisbon in the summer of 2004 by Jon Burns. Jon wondered how many of the 60,000 fans in the stadium shared both a passion for the beautiful game and a belief that this passion could be used to change lives. He wondered what great things could be achieved if it were possible to harness that passion and belief.

This vision has since developed from its roots in the North East of England into a global movement of fans who share this same vision.

Our Timeline

2004 – Lionsraw conceived
2006 – Lionsraw’s charitable arm The Raw Foundation established
2007 – First hub launched Teesside, England
2010 – Legacy Tour Durban, South Africa
2012 – Legacy Tour Warsaw, Poland
2013 – Local Legacy projects Dallas, USA
2013 – Projects launched Sydney, Australia & Marseille, France
2014 – Legacy Tour Curitiba, Brazil
2014 – Local Legacy project Middlesbrough, England

Our People

Global Board
Neil Carlile (Chairman), Chris Lovegrove, Neil Flint, Pascal Goujon

Executive Leadership Team
Jon Burns (CEO), Chris Agar, Simon Close, Kev Clark, Andy Bowerman

Nations and Project Leads

Australia – Steve Ward
Brazil – Thad Taylor
France – Alex Desbons
Poland – Mark Harrison
South Africa – Ruth Duma
United Kingdom – Kev Clark
USA – Jon Burns

Join our global movement to create chances for change that make a difference