World cup reflections

World cup reflections

Lionsraw CEO Jon Burns looks back on a fantastic legacy tour, and looks ahead to the next steps.

Having just returned from the Lionsraw legacy tour in Brasil, had a few days to reflect.

Firstly, Lionsraw does what it says on the tin – we mobilise football fans to create chances for change at home and away. That’s what we have been doing in Brasil all year, especially in these last three weeks, and will do in the future with our long-term team. Lessons have been learned from Durban, Poland, USA and the UK to improve who we are and what we offer.


Secondly, Brasil loves its football and a good party. Some of the atmospheres at games and in streets and bars were incredible. The colours, noise and samba feel will be hard to forget. But, some of the stadiums and finishing touches were very poor and obviously rushed. There is lots of bureaucracy, false promises and a fair bit of corruption around – this great country deserves some great leadership.

Finally, it is an exciting time to look ahead to the future. Our key leaders and board are amazing. Kev Clark and his team in Brasil exceeded all expectations, and we have unearthed 20 or more very promising emerging leaders that we intend to invest in over the next few years.

Sydney, Marseille, New York, Manchester and Russia – here we come.

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